Hello, I'm Haran Amorim, human-centered product designer, focused on creating frictionless and simple-to-use products with a clean visual language to solve real problems for real people.

As a multi-disciplinary designer and creator, I believe that aesthetics should work together with functionality, a good design should last longer, and brings value to every stake.
As a mentor, I also lead and create a design team, with a range from inclusiveness to inaccessibility whereas building a solid culture along with management and HR/recruitment expertise.
My design process is always focused on human-centered design and design heuristics filled with user validation, and a keen eye for detail. In a team, I contribute to every step in the creative process working with Sprint and Agile methodologies.
As a Lead Product Designer, my skills range UX & UI Design, Interaction Design, Facilitation, Prototyping, App – & Web–Design, Wire-Framing & Graphic Design.



Volkswagen AG 
Berlin, Germany
2019 – Present

Senior Product Designer

Being part of the innovation hub of Volkswagen AG thrivers the need for creating and leading new solutions for the future of mobility, and as working as product design we face daily challenges of how to innovate and to create new user-centered experiences of buying and interacting with cars in a whole new view.
Also, work on the Design recruitment process bringing a more balanced and sustainable work environment for Volkswagen.

Porto, Portugal

Ago 2018 – Ago 2019

UX / UI Designer

As a UX / UI Designer at Pixelmatters provided the experience to work along with different kind of digital products and services. As the majority of the clients being American, I went thru from designing WebApps, iOS apps, and websites to striving a well planned and desired solution with them through videoconferences and weekly presentations of what I've been working on.

With Company
Lisbon, Portugal
May 2018 – Aug 2018

Freelancer Product Designer

Development of a branding project for Santa Casa da Misericordia de Lisboa which had the initiative to create a new and social hub in Lisbon. At first, my team and I made research around Lisbon, we've interviewed co-works, the player that will be hosted in Casa do Impacto, Governors of the social impact of Portugal, Banks which are always sponsoring projects with a good and social cause. After two weeks of collecting a bunch of valuable information, we made our research analysis. Here we've identified our direction to follow up with the motto, voice, and visually.

Joinville, Brazil
April 2014 – July 2017

Art and Creative Director

Development of branding identities and leading graphic projects in order to create standards design to be replicated. Conceptualization and creation of brands based on the visual and architectural principles of design with research, mental mapping, and benchmark. Usage of Design thinking methods about understanding the customer's real need through empathy and swot analysis, such as interviews, were essential for the development of well-founded and concrete brandings bringing real results.

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